IUOC Heating Kit – Heat Not Burn(ทำงานแบบiQOS)ใช้บุหรี่มวนทั่วไปได้เลย

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iUOC heating kit ทางเลือกใหม่ heat not burn !! 

ทำงานเป็น heat แบบiQOS แต่ใส่บุหรี่จริงได้เลยครับ
เสียบบุหรี่ลงไป กดเปิด5ครั้ง รอไฟกระพริบสั่น3ครั้ง เริ่มสูบได้ สูบจนสั่นอีก3ครั้ง รอไฟกระพริบจนดับไป เอาบุหรี่ออก รอเวลา5-6 นาทีให้หายร้อน สูบต่อได้ครับ

กลิ่นตามบุหรี่ที่ใส่ไป ต่างกับบุหรี่จริงที่ควันที่ผ่านการกรองและไม่ได้ใช้การเผาไหม้ ควันออกมาจางแบบiqos

แบตฯในตัว 2900mAh


IUOC Heat Without Burning: When using IUOC, we just need to put the whole cigarette into it without any additive and then start heating. The temperature of tobacco will be at around 350℃. It will produce extremely mellow taste of nicotine and tobacco without tar and solid harmful substance. There will be not fire, no tar, no second hand smoking, no ash and no dust.

The tobacco temperature will reach 1000℃ when lighting the cigarette. Tar (mixture of harmful substance) will be produced between 500℃ and 900℃. And it will flow through respiratory tract to lung. 90% of them will adhere to the lung and cause harm to lung even induce lung cancer. In addition, tar can accelerate angiosclerosis.

IUOC Keep You Safe from Harm: Traditional smoking always causes yellow teeth, bad breath, cancer caused by tar and environmental impact.
IUOC can solve all the problems mentioned above. At the same time, it will not influence the people around smokers as the gas of IUOC is
fragrant. And it can reduce the risk of fire as the cigarette does not light.

Heat Without Burning: Heat withouting burning is the acknowledged healthy smoking way. Many companies cost billions of dollars in research and development worldwide.

Support Normal Cigarette: The world's first electronic smoking device which truly achieves good taste and heat without burning technology for normal cigarette.

Healthy and Tasty: No tar and other cancerogen. Extremely mellow taste. Different from the traditional smelly second hand smoking.

Patent for Invention: Invention patent and utility model patent of sectional heating and special driptip.

IUOC Heat without Burning Kit with 2900mAh Built-In Battery Features and Specs:
Brand new heating device for common cigarette instead of burning it
2900mAh large capacity, durable for 10 cigarettes 
Healthy and clean smoking, no tar or hazardous sold substances
Multiple protection and fast charge
Magnet bottom case, convenient to use 
More than 30 kinds of patents guranteed
Heating temperature: 350°C
Material: Aluminum alloy+Plastic
Output Power: 13W
Battery capacity: 2900mAh
Charge Currant: 2A
Charge time: 2 hours
Size:26.5 x 47.5 x 127 mm
Material:Aluminum alloy+Plastic
Colour: Black, Red, Sliver

IUOC Heat without Burning Kit with 2900mAh Built-In Battery Pacakge Includes:
1 * IUOC Kit 2900mAh
1 * Drip cap
1 * Smoke metal accessories
2 * Clean Tool
1 * USB Cable
1 * User Manual

สีดำ Black -
สีเงิน Silver -
สีแดง Red -

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