[CLOSESYSTEM]YOOZ ZERO 2 Vape Pod Device 350mAh เครื่องเปล่า

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YOOZ ZERO 2 Vape Pod Device 350mAh เครื่องเปล่า

YOOZZERO 2 Device is the replaceable rechargeable battery part of the YOOZ ZERO 2 Vape Pod System KIT, featuring a double leak proof structure design, lightweight and no fire button design.    The battery capacity of the device is 350mAh. It allows about 300 puffs with the battery fully charged. Middle of the device is an intelligent "Y" shaped LED battery life indicator, it will let you know when you need to charge.

Main Features:
1. Creates extremely delicated atomized and fume oil enriched taste nicotine salt brings you stronger throat experience.
2.  Patented double leak proof structure design pod. 
3. 30 minutes charging provide you with 24 hours heavy use.
4. Food grade interface design standard is in accordance with food and drug association (FDA) of US.
5. Made of PCT-G material that stands by Europe and American medical standard.

Brand: YOOZ 
Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Full Charge:30 minutes
 Size: 88.5x21x11.5mm

Package Contents: 
1* YOOZ ZERO 2 Device
1* Micro USB Charging cable
1* User Manual

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